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lunedì 16 febbraio 2009

How to look for a job in Spain - Come cercare lavoro in Spagna

How to look for a job.
(You are reminded that knowing Spanish is essential for working in Spain)

The main ways to search for a job are:
1. Public Employment Services.
The Spanish national employment services (INEM) and those in the autonomous communities have a network of employment offices whose services are available to all workers.
Those over sixteen years of age can register with the public employment services by presenting a valid identity document or passport, as long as they have a permanent address. To get into professions that require a qualification, you must prove that you meet this requirement in Spain.
The addresses of the employment offices can be found in the telephone directory or on the INEM web site, which has links to the public employment services in the autonomous communities. Some of them give information about job offers on their web sites. Many have useful information on and addresses for finding work as well as guides on how to look for work.

2. Employment agencies, head hunters and temporary employment agencies.
Employment agencies are another intermediary in the Spanish labor market; they are authorized by the labour administration. Their use may not be free but you will only pay the cost of the expenses generated. There are also companies that specialize in selecting human resources that use the press and the Internet as ways to find candidates.
Temporary work agencies, which are always identified by the Spanish initials E.T.T., contract workers directly. They are especially useful for finding temporary jobs.

3. Communications media.

All the Spanish national, regional and provincial newspapers carry a daily section with job offers, although they publish more job offers in their Sunday editions. Public television also has specific employment programmes. One well known programme is "Aquí hay trabajo" (Here's Work), which is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 9:30 a.m. on Channel 2 (RTVE).
It is increasingly frequent for companies to put their job offers on the Internet. Companies use their web site to publicize themselves and it may have a Human Resources section. Look for a link on their website called either Work with Us or Employment. There are also specific job portals.

4. Personal contacts.
Personal contacts and relationships are very useful when looking for a job. If you have friends or family members in Spain, it is a good idea to tell them that you are looking for work since many vacancies are filled through this type of contact and referral.

Specific links.

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